The Campus LGBTQ Centers Directory is a project to document staffed campus resources regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. The Directory's purpose is to connect people with the offices and to further research on the state of the profession providing LGBTQ resources in higher education.

College and university campuses are included in the Directory if they meet the minimum staffing requirement: A professional staff person or graduate assistant who works at least 20 hours per week directing LGBTQ resources. See more about criteria.

The Directory is a project of the Calamus Foundation; The Pennsylvania State University LGBTA Student Resource Center; University of California, Riverside LGBT Resource Center; and University of Oregon LGBT Education & Support Services Program.

Thank you to Kari Jo Freudigmann, UC Riverside Summer Graduate Intern for LGBT & Housing Concerns, for her invaluable contributions to the creation of the Directory.

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Directory Updates

Please help us keep our directory up to date. If you would like to provide us with updated information for an existing center or propose that a new center be added, please use our Update Request form.

Currently, Nancy Jean Tubbs at the University of California, Riverside maintains the Directory. You may call Nancy Jean at 951.827.2267 with questions.

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